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The Central Bank of Blockchain Token Sale

The Pre-Sale

Pre Sale Price Structure

The token price for the pre-sale is set at $0.15.

Investors have the opportunity to stake the pre-sale tokens into the ICO offering a 300% return as pre-sale tokens are the first to be sold at ICO.

ICO Phase 1 Token Price is set at $0.45

NFT Mortgages

On Chain Mortgages through Smart Contracts and NFT's offer staked investors huge returns. Pre-Sale Investors have priority access to mortgage staking pools. Offering Passive income from NFT's that own real estate.

Nodes as an Investment (NaaI)

Nodes as an investment offer Fully Operational Nodes at industry leading returns. Passive income 3.0 gives staked node holders 10% daily returns at 300% per month.

Fully insured, securely held and distributed automatically on chain with no monthly fee. Nodes are offered on a priority basis to pre-sale investors.

$CBOB Is Now Available At Pre-Sale Pricing

Select the cryptocurrency you would like to participate with below and join the pre-sale today.

Banking 3.0

When selecting which currency you will use it is extremely important to make sure you send to the correct wallet. Any tokens sent to the wrong wallet are likely to be lost.

When you have sent tokens your tokens to the address you will immediately receive your $CBOB tokens into your wallet.

For staking and nodes after Pre-Sale keep your tokens in a safe place ready for the launch.



To Participate in the Presale with BITCOIN, use the below wallet


BTC/CBOB - Send Bitcoin and receive - $CBOB



To Participate in the Presale with BNB, use the below wallet


BNB/CBOB - Send Binance Coin and receive - $CBOB



To Participate in the Presale with ETH, use the below wallet


ETH/CBOB - Send Ethereum and receive - $CBOB



To Participate in the Presale with USDT, use the below wallet


USDT/CBOB - Send Tether and receive - $CBOB


Banking 3.0

When tokens are sent into the presale the $CBOB tokens will automatically be sent back to you.

Please make sure you use the correct address for the token you are participating with.

The next token price for ICO is $0.45 offering a guaranteed 300% return from Pre-Sale to ICO!


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