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The Bank On The Blockchain...

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NFT Bonds, Crypto Mortgages, High Yield Nodes, Loans, Crypto Options and Crypto Start Up Finance.

The First Ever Opportunity Where Early Stage Investors Have The Option To Be Automatically Staked As Sellers Into The ICO. 

Pre ICO investors have the option to be automatically staked into the ICO with priority trades. This means that the first tokens sold on the ICO are the staked tokens from the pre-ICO Investors. This gives the Pre-ICO investors a fixed guarantee on their investment as pre sale token pricing is $0.15 and ICO price is set at $0.45.

Investment Products On The Blockchain 

Investments that have been typically reserved for the top tier banking clients are now available to the whole crypto market.

High Yield NFT Bonds

NFT Bonds have automatic token release built into their code which releases interest payments to staked investors.

Crypto Mortgages

The requirement for crypto based mortgage lending is now at the highest it has ever been. Smart contract lending with assets securely held in an NFT is the future of owning real estate.

High Yield, Regular Payout Nodes

Nodes are an absolute requirement for a blockchains functionality. Staked node investments offer daily payouts at ultra high premiums.

Crypto Start Up Finance - Staked

Financing for crypto start ups on one platform with staked returns and community led investments.

Unrivaled Returns.
Impeccable Stability.

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The Crypto markets are now a key player for wealth creation across the planet. By enabling smart contracts into the crypto eco-system, investors and future creators of wealth, are now able to securely invest into banking products that where previously reserved for the few.

We have created a series of investment grade products that are independently governed by smart contracts alone to provide autonomous pay outs to investors.

Using smart contracts and NFT's, we have developed a protocol that offers crypto mortgage lending on the blockchain while holding the the ownership documents in an NFT until maturity of the mortgage. This offers investors the opportunity to stake tokens into a mortgage product and receive regular interest payments on their staked tokens.



Timeline - Phase 1






Total Supply


Soft Cap


Hard Cap

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Mortgages On The Blockchain

On Chain Mortgages

Mortgages on the blockchain are here!

Using smart contracts we can facilitate the full sale process "On Chain" and store the ownership of the property in an NFT until maturity. The NFT is a staked NFT which means that investors who stake their tokens into it receive a guaranteed return through the dynamics of the contract. The security is held through the full and absolute ownership of the property until the NFT has matured or has been fully realised.



The full ownership of the property is held in an on chain NFT that is owned by the staked investors

Monthly interest is automatically paid from the NFT into the wallets of the investors who have staked tokens

Staked investors will receive interest  payments on a monthly basis up to 12% on their initial investment

Start Up Finance

Start Up Finance 

Start up finance for the blockchain enables innovative and exciting new blockchain based business models to get community led investment for their project.


Start up tokens stake the token for their new project into a locked staking pool and include a pitch for investment. Holders of CBOB tokens are presented with the new projects through a decentralized dashboard and select which new projects they want to stake tokens into as an investment. Investors get a minimum of 16% return on their investment as well as the equivalent amount in the new staked token from the new project.

On Chain
Start Up Finance

On Chain
Start Up Finance


Regular Payout High Yield Nodes

High Yield Nodes

Nodes as an Investment (NaaI) offer a regular income through staking tokens into a protocol to support various networks. CBOB tokens can be staked into multiple high yield nodes that offer returns on a daily basis direct to your wallet.

Returns from the staked node investments are distributed based on the below model with 70% of all income going into the staked token holder pool. Nodes are schedule to payout 100% every 10 days and payments after 10 days can be withdrawn daily if required. 20% of node income is distributed to all token holders at time of issue and 10% is held by the Central Bank of Bitcoin in a reserve fund.

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Returns on node investments are set to payout 100% every 10 days, 70% of the interest payout is direct into the staked token pool wallets offering 210% ROI every 30 days.

Timeline - Phase 2

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Regular Payout High Yield Nodes

Futures and Options

Futures and Options have often been reserved for experienced investors through investment banks. Now, holders of the CBOB token, are able to to benefit from this type of exciting instrument on a decentralized platform.


The holder of the token can enter into an option or future contract agreement on pre-defined cryptos with pre-defined rates of return. The fee's for issuing such contracts from the Central Bank of Blockchain are distributed to its staked token holders at the time of issuance. 

Staked Token Pools

Staking tokens into the Central Bank of Blockchain staking pools offers 5 key income streams that are distributed automatically through smart contracts and NFT's.

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The Central Bank of Blockchain is a robust ecosystem that offers staking partners a decentralized and on chain regular return mechanism. Staking pools have never before offered returns based on both simple and complex lending structures where staked token holders have broad portfolio exposure through the Blockchain and returns that are managed on chain through Smart Contracts and NFT's.

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The token sale for CBOB tokens is split into 3 phases. Pre-Sale, ICO phase 1 and ICO phase 2.


Investors in to the pre-sale benefit from a token price of $0.15 per token. This token can be staked into the ICO meaning investors into ICO Phase 1 are actually buying the tokens from Pre-Sale investors. The price for ICO Phase 1 is $0.45. This gives Pre-Sale investors a 300% return on their Pre-Sale investment if they choose to stake.

The pre-sale is now open...


Register Below For 300X Returns On Pre Sale Tokens

Pre-Sale Closes
March 28th 2022

The Central Bank of Blockchain
Pre-Sale Whitelist

You have successfully registered for the CBOB Pre-Sale

Staked Token Pools
Pre Sale
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